United Methodist Women

Reading Plan

Encouraging women to think critically about current issues through an annual selection of member-reviewed books.

For 140 years, United Methodist Women have been involved in mission that includes prayer, study and action. The Reading Program is a study opportunity, but it should also lead to action. The purpose of the program is to encourage United Methodist Women members to:

  • Expand understanding of and participation in God’s mission.
  • Increase sensitivity to all human beings—their needs, interests and concerns.
  • Encourage critical thinking about issues facing humanity today.
  • Grow in understanding of Scripture as it relates to Christian faith in contemporary life.
  • Enhance self-knowledge and act from that knowledge.
  • Strengthen involvement in local and global Christian mission.

2022 Reading Program

Learn more about what’s available in the Reading Program. Click to join a local morning or evening book club group that meets online or at church.

Mission Studies

Each year United Methodist Women focus on certain areas of study. You will see books on the Reading Program that highlight and expand on those subjects.